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Capped Decking

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Capped Solid Decking EHG138S22

Capped composite decking, the 2nd generation of wood plastic composite decking, developed on the base of the first generation of PE-based wood composite decking. It performs better especially in terms of anti-scratch and weather resistance, which contributes to the prevention of the outer shell. It becomes more popular in recent years because of excellent performance.

Capped Decking

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Capped composite decking adopts the most advanced extrusion molding technology and the surface is evenly and firmly covered with the co-extrusion layer. This new technology of producing co-extruded composite wood products, in addition to retaining the advantages of traditional WPCs anti-mold, insect-proof and other physical properties, it also has stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance, and is more beautiful and durable. It is suitable for high-end outdoor landscape engineering, building templates, villas, courtyard floors and other fields.At the same time, through the unique color mixing, hot pressing and post-treatment process, the surface has a softer, gorgeous, and simulated high-end solid wood effect, but has a longer service life. And the outer layer is a polymer material layer with high wear resistance, weather resistance, mildew resistance and insect resistance, and its water absorption rate is almost "zero". Furthermore, the outer protective layer with functional polymer materials as the main material has stronger resistance to oil and dust adhesion. Once stains are attached to the surface, it will remain as clean as new once it is washed by rain.It is indeed an ideal alternative to preservative-treated timber products.

Capped Solid Decking EHG138S22

Color: Black / Coffee / Dark Grey / Light Grey / IPE / Maple / Smoke Grey / Teak / Walnut

Capped Decking

Size: 138x22mm /150x22mm /180x22mm

Surface treatment: light brushed

It looks more natural and likes real wood.

Capped composite decking models

                        138*22mm  twin-colorCapped Solid Decking EHG138S22                                      138*22mmCapped Solid Decking EHG138S22                              150*22mmCapped Solid Decking EHG138S22
                                    180*22mmCapped Solid Decking EHG138S22                                    138*22mmCapped Solid Decking EHG138S22                                      145*21mmCapped Solid Decking EHG138S22


Capped Solid Decking EHG138S22

3D embossing EHC140H24

1. From the perspective of professional installation, it is recommended that professional construction personnel carry out the installation process of wood plastic decking. Before installation, please clean the ground to make the ground flat,dry,smooth and clean.

2. The electric drill is a tool that must be used in the installation process of the composite deckingwhen fixing the decking board and the joist of this material, you must first use the electric drill to guide the hole, and then screw in the screw to fix it. Can not be nailed directly, otherwise the material may be burst.

3. The water absorption rate of the material is about 0.2%, and the expansion rate is about 0.5%, so when the installation process of WPC decking, there should be a gap of about 5mm between each pieces in case of thermal expansion and contraction.

4. In order to achieve the best drainage effect, the floor can be tilted by 5 mm as a whole during installation. Try to make the installation floor level. If the decking has to be installed in a place with some activities, don’t fix the decking too much, and leave some room for activity.

Installation Effect

Capped Solid Decking EHG138S22

Capped Solid Decking EHG138S22

Products Name: Capped Solid Decking EHG138S22