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Maintenance tips of wood plastic composite decking

1. Everyone needs to pay attention to the fact that when walking on the composite decking board, the owner should wear cloth slippers as much as possible, and it is best to barefoot.

2. For some special stains on the decking board, such as paint, ink, etc. can be directly cleaned with a special oil to clean.

3. Regularly clean the composite decking boards, remove the dirty or dust. Sometime use the liquid dish soap and water to clean the boards.

4. It is best to put a soft protective mat on the furniture feet, so as not to scratch the wear-resistant layer of decking boards. In addition, when cleaning the boards, be sure not to let the sandpaper, sander or metal tools be harder to clean the wood-plastic decking floor.

5. When cleaning the composite decking boards, firstly wipe the rice water directly with a rag, or evenly spray the rice water on the composite floor, then wait 5 to 10 minutes, wipe it with a dry rag. Wood-plastic composite decking will become much cleaner.

6. Wood-plastic composite decking is a natural wood product, the difference between the trees in the planting, the sun shine and other factors, the brilliance of the wood is not the same. In other words, the timber plank is cut from the same wood. Due to the difference in the position of the sawing, the color shade and the texture of the wood is not the same. Therefore, there is objectively the sign of the color difference and the unevenness of the marking on the wood-plastic composite decking. This is a natural sign. Don't be too demanding for color. Especially for different batch of products, it is reasonable there is small color difference.