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Traditional Decking

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Traditional Decking

EH DECKING is the Manufacturer of WPC Composite Decking

Its WPC composite decking (composite decorative panels, Exterior wall cladding, Composite fencingCapped decking) manufacturing process includes anti-ultraviolet agents to help the panels resist fading. However, slight fading is to be expected, but this will only enhance the appearance of the deck board, giving it a lovely natural finish, especially in areas exposed to direct sunlight. This effect will help your material blend into the environment. In addition, there may be some noticeable color differences between circuit boards of different production batches.

What is WPC Composite Decking made of?

Our wood-plastic composite materials are carefully designed to be more durable than wood. These additives enhance the existing hardwood properties, which means your deck, cladding or fence is stronger than ordinary products. Our composite materials do not absorb water like wood substitutes, which means they can effectively withstand weather conditions and are easier to keep clean.

WPC Composite Decking Application

EH DECKING completely changed the look and feel of outdoor areas. Highly versatile, WPC decoration perfectly blends with any architectural style. From the deck to the fence to the commercial outdoor area, EH DECKING has created a very practical, stylish and environmentally friendly outdoor living space.

Advantages of WPC Composite Decking

Compared with standard decoration, WPC composite decking is becoming more and more popular and has so many advantages, which is not surprising. Compared with other decoration options, WPC decoration has many advantages, so it is worth the investment. The reasons are as follows:


Due to the plastic shell of WPC composite decking, the material has higher durability than its alternatives. This type of decorative design is durable, and its materials, blends and finishes make it resistant to many factors that often shorten the life of wooden decorations.

WPC composite decking is resistant to fading, staining, scratching and mildew, and it is very durable.

Low maintenance

With WPC composite decking, you don't need to worry about sanding, dyeing or painting. Only occasionally cleaning with soap and water can keep the decorative board for decades.


WPC composite decking is made of environmentally friendly materials. This composite material is durable, has many characteristics of wood flooring, and will not affect the environment.Many WPC decoration solutions consist of recycled materials or products made from maintenance resources.The extended life of WPC flooring also means that you never have to change materials more frequently than you should-so you use more materials than needed.

Cost effective

WPC laminate flooring may be more expensive in the beginning, but the product still looks great year after year and has almost no maintenance costs. As mentioned earlier, laminate flooring requires less maintenance than traditional wood flooring.

This means you can spend less time maintaining your space and reaching for your pockets, and you have more time to spend on other things. The service life of WPC composite decking will be longer than its wood substitutes, so the total cost of replacement and maintenance is lower.

The following are our best-selling WPC composite decking in various styles, but not limited to this, you can contact us for more product information!

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