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3D Decking

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3D embossing EHC145H21

Masterbatches are added directly into the product formulation, 3D wood grain is embossed during the process of extrusion, has deep wood grain texture.Thus it can provide a long-termed durability.The abrasion during the application is not so obvious  as the traditional decking.Free of any harmful substances,anti-splinter,anti-slip,take care of you and your children.

Boards are available in a standard length of 2.20 meters but can also be extruded in lengths up to 6 meters.

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This is the 3rd generation of wood plastic composite decking,new production technique.Compared to the traditional composite decking,3D embossing decking will have more natural visual effect and more real wood grain texture.3D embossing technique 

do not need a follow-up treatment.It can finish the embossing procedure during the extrusion.

3D embossing decking models we have

                               140*24mm3D embossing EHC140H24                               145*21mm3D embossing EHC140H24

                          140*20mm3D embossing EHC140H24

The main advantage compared to the traditonal decking is as following:

· Long-termed durability

· Better wood texture than 1st generation WPC

· The abraision resistance of 3D decking is better 

· Better slip resistance

· Barefoot-friendly

Dimension: 145x21mm

Application: Wood plastic composite material can be widely applied in outdoor municipal project, landscape and real estate, decoration of patio and terrace, wall panel, railing systems, garden fencing, picnic tables/benches, and other outer wall decorating material.

Surface: 4 designs in available

3D embossing EHC140H24

Colors:  6 colors in available, it is also customized

3D Colormix EHC140H24

Comparison of properties of different materials

PerformanceEH DeckingPressure-treated WoodSteelPlastic
wood grainxxxx
easy installationxx
easy adjustablexx
thermal expansion coefficientxxx
UV protectionxxx
no painting or stainingxx
no poisonous ingredientxxx
match to the arroundingxx
no splinterxx
no insectsxx
low maintenancexxx
eco-friendlyxx xxxx
lifespan10+ years2-5 years5-10 years3 years

More photos with high definition

EC02-Rose Wood

3D Embossing Colormix


3D Embossing Colormix


3D Embossing Colormix

EC05-Smoke Grey

3D embossing EHC140H24

Installation Tips

3D embossing EHC140H24

3D embossing EHC140H24

1. From the perspective of professional installation, it is recommended that professional construction personnel carry out the installation process of wood plastic decking. Before installation, please clean the ground to make the ground flat,dry,smooth and clean.

2. The electric drill is a tool that must be used in the installation process of the composite deckingwhen fixing the decking board and the joist of this material, you must first use the electric drill to guide the hole, and then screw in the screw to fix it. Can not be nailed directly, otherwise the material may be burst.

3. The water absorption rate of the material is about 0.2%, and the expansion rate is about 0.5%, so when the installation process of WPC decking, there should be a gap of about 5mm between each pieces in case of thermal expansion and contraction.

4. In order to achieve the best drainage effect, the floor can be tilted by 5 mm as a whole during installation. Try to make the installation floor level. If the decking has to be installed in a place with some activities, don’t fix the decking too much, and leave some room for activity.

3D embossing EHC140H24

Installation effect

3D embossing EHC145H21

Products Name: 3D embossing EHC145H21