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SPC Vinyl Floor

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SPC Vinyl Floor

SPC Flooring Wholesale

EH DECKING will always pursue the true value of quality, integrity, innovation and service. Due to our commitment to customer service, we are already in our place on the market. If you have any questions or pursuits, please feel free to consult us. We will respond within 2 hours.

SPC floor is composed of UV coating, wear-resistant layer, SPC printing layer, SPC core material and balance layer. For the backing, IXPE foam or cork can be selected.

The advantages of China SPC Flooring Wholesale supplier. SPC floor include good dimensional stability, high peel strength, low noise when walking, no warpage, no deformation, 100% waterproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, environmentally friendly hard floor, no harmful emissions.

Introduce of SPC Flooring

* SPC (short for stone plastic composite) vinyl plank flooring is one of the darling stars of the commercial vinyl flooring market. Commercial SPC floors are top-rated flooring products composed of the very best flooring products that modern technology can create. These rigid core flooring products are incredibly versatile, allowing individuals to tailor their commercial floors with unique layers, finishes, and underlayments.

The ability to fit in various settings has made SPC commercial floors highly appealing to massive procedures. The effective efficiency of SPC in small companies and retail operations could equate perfectly in multi-site commercial and commercial businesses. The long, challenging life and the reasonably affordable expense of quality SPC floor products are pulled in other industries, such as the friendliness and service industry.

End-users with one-of-a-kind needs, such as institutions and daycare facilities, started to flock in the direction of resilient-vinyl floors like SPC. This brought health care facilities seeking hygienic as well aseptic flooring products. Hospitals, oral practices, clinical research study facilities, and comparable clients elicited much more specialized products from the flooring sector. SPC flooring options are now found all over the globe, from executive offices in Fortune 500 businesses to complex federal government firms.

EH DECKING has proactively taken part in the growing boom of high-end, rigid core floors like SPC. Our industry expertise, as well as used techniques, have built up over years of international distribution. Our affection for the production, distribution, and installation of commercial SPC vinyl plank floors enables us to give our clients best-in-class assistance along with every action of the way.

To this end, we wish to offer some tips on why you must buy wholesale flooring and where to do so.

SPC Flooring Wholesale

Why Wholesale SPC Flooring?

When shopping for commercial SPC for a large-scale, multi-site flooring installation project, buying wholesale is always much better. Most commercial and commercial clients understand the advantages of wholesale, but some may not be familiar with it. Clients that remain during their first economic development surge may be purchasing mass purchases of SPC for the first time.

Getting wholesale is one of the most economical ways to buy anything in large quantities. One of the most significant market gamers will perform almost all wholesale transactions, yet tiny consumers can also benefit considerably from wholesale.

Not only does a wholesale deal lower the price of each unit separately, but it can also get approved for exemption from sales tax obligations. Wholesale likewise gets rid of the need for a retailer or center male. Products relocate from one party to another without any 3rd party to damage the product or dilute its quality.

The financial dedication that wholesale purchases represent implies it is vital to determine a trustworthy distributor. The dynamic nature of the growing flooring industry has drawn in numerous business owners. An unfavorable outcome has been inexperienced representatives adversely influencing their clients.

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How to Choose SPC Flooring Wholesale

1. Production capacity

One of the most important factors when you are looking for an SPC Flooring Wholesale company that can produce to meet your needs is their production capacity. You want them to have everything they need and do it quickly and efficiently when needed!

The best suppliers are those who not only have strong production capacity, but also

Suppliers of factory equipment and technologies that keep pace with market trends.

2. Experience and communication

When you look for an SPC Flooring Wholesale, they must have experience working on projects similar to yours. They will know exactly what your specific requirements are and will be able to provide quality products along with great customer service!

An experienced person must follow up on your order. You want them to promptly address any questions or concerns they may have, and to be kept informed of updates (including possible changes) when the order is complete. The key info anyone wants while anxiously waiting for what they're ordering!

3. After-sale service

After-sales service is a key factor in ensuring your company's long-term success.

By partnering with a supplier who provides excellent customer service and a prompt response when problems arise, even during off-hours, you can focus on growing your business further.

It also ensures that you'll have someone out there who knows exactly what's involved and how best to do it when a new project arrives.

EH DECKING can bring you:

1. High-quality after-sales service: We always put service first and promise to support all our customers with the following:

Respond to various inquiries or consultations of customers in a timely and professional manner. Just provide the most suitable solution, not the expensive one.

Handle all issues that may arise during customs declaration and clearance.

Technical support, including but not limited to installation guidance; after-sales service: After receiving the customer's claim, reply and solve it as soon as possible, usually within 12 hours.

2. The most favorable price: The price of the product is lower than the price of the same product abroad. Our price in Shandong is lower than the price in Guangdong and other places of origin. In general, our price is low and the quality is pass.

3. Customized production: We can customize the production of SPC floor according to your needs, and meet all your requirements for size, color, etc.

Choose EH DECKING, contact us to get the best price and best service!

SPC Flooring Wholesale

Installation of SPC flooring

1. Ground base treatment

Like the paving of wooden floors, the SPC floor should be treated with the base layer of the cement rough ground before paving, and the preparations for cleaning should be done well. The requirements for the ground are no sand, no hollowing, no cracking, and ground strength Good, firm and free of paint, glue, chemical solutions and moisture.

2. The ground base layer

The flatness requirement of the SPC floor for the ground base is an error of 2mm within 2 meters. If the flatness of the ground does not meet the requirements, leveling work is required. Generally speaking, self-leveling is recommended. Of course, cement mortar can also be used for leveling. , considering the actual situation.

3. Ground standard testing

After leveling, it is necessary to wait patiently for the base layer to dry, and the ground humidity is required to be lower than 4.5%, and the ambient temperature is required to be above 10-15 °C. Only when the conditions are met can the SPC floor be installed.

4. SPC floor installation

Generally speaking, the first SPC floor is laid from the upper left corner of the house space, and a 4mm expansion joint should be reserved between the wall and the floor. The other steps are similar to the steps for installing wooden floors, because most of them say SPC The floor is very similar in structure to the wooden floor, and it can be spliced in alignment with the groove. If there is a gap during paving, a rubber hammer can be used to assist the paving.

5. Acceptance inspection

After the paving is completed, the inspection and acceptance work shall be carried out to see if there are any places where the paving is not in place so that we can deal with it in time.

SPC Flooring Wholesale

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