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Composite Fence Become a Beautiful Landscape In the City

May. 27, 2020

In recent years, with the widespread application of wood-plastic composite materials, composite fences have become one of the environmentally friendly products. It overcomes the deficiencies of natural wood and combines all the advantages of wood and plastic. Composite rail and fences have the characteristics of natural wood grain, color, feel and polymer-specific waterproof, fireproof, insect-proof, ant-proof, UV resistant, acid and alkali resistant, wear-resistant, non-toxic, paint-free. WPC products have extremely strong toughness, no deformation, no cracking, sound insulation, thermal insulation and other properties. Plastic wood products are simple and convenient to process, beautiful appearance, simple installation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and fast; plastic wood fences have bright colors, little maintenance, they are ideal materials for indoor and outdoor products such as home improvement and garden facilities.

 Composite fence become a beautiful landscape in the city


In particular, the rail and fence made of plastic-wood composite material has the advantage of not requiring paint, and maintenance is simple, so the composite rail and fence has become another important field for the application of wood-plastic composite materials. Especially in North America and Europe, it is one of the main uses that wood plastic fences and decking are used to construct terraces. In addition, composite fences are also used in tourist areas, parks and residential areas as partitions or enclosures. The application of wood plastic fence in China is also one of the key application fields of WPC materials. It is mainly used in the protection of tourist areas, residential quarters, streets, pavilions, pavilions and outdoor power pot facilities; it can also be used as an isolation facility or enclosure for buildings. It is common in Europe and America to combine with wood-plastic decking to build a villa terrace.

 Composite fence become a beautiful landscape in the city


Patio guardrails are one of the most widely application fields in North America. With the improvement of the performance and design and construction level of China's wood plastic composite materials, applications in this area have also begun to develop. In recent years, China's wood plastic material has been widely used for wall cladding, floors, balconies, terraces, doors and windows, outdoor fences, indoor and outdoor decoration of garden and villas, etc.



The safety fence takes advantage of the characteristics of eco-friendly and waterproof to design public facilities. The design of public facilities overcomes the problems of corrosion and cracking which are often encountered in the open air, facing the sun, rain and wind. Composite fences can be divided into three types: closed, semi-open, and open according to whether they block the line of sight; they can be divided into blocking and ornamental fences according to their functions.

 Composite fence become a beautiful landscape in the city

The main functions of the composite fence used in the urban landscape are safety and beauty, and of course the function of blocking the space. Because the fence is outdoors, it needs to be exposed to wind and rain for a long time. Therefore, the material of the fence should be anti-aging, easy to repair and other properties, and these properties are fully equipped with plastic wood materials. In addition, such fence also reflects the city's culture and enhances the city's image. The plastic-wood material can convey the perception of the combination of nature and modernity, and is the only choice for the urban landscape wall cladding material. At the same time, we will bring an environmentally friendly green design concept to everyone, let us care and love this earth together.

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Composite fence become a beautiful landscape in the city