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Capped Decking

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Capped Decking Twin Color EHT138H22

Capped composite decking, ultrashiled decking, there is a hard shiled shell outside of the wood plastic core. It performs better especially in terms of anti-scratch and weather resistance, which contributes to the prevention of the outer shell. The capped decking board has two faces with different color,which provides a wide range of options.

Capped Decking

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Capped decking is made up of the traditional wood plastic core with a durable polymer protective shell. The shell can prevent the inside wood fiber absorbing water. So it improves some defects which traditional composite decking has, such as warp or deformation, anti-mold and mildew. They also come in a range of color options to meet different tastes all over the world.

It is indeed an ideal alternative to preservative-treated timber products.

Capped Decking

Color: Black / Coffee / Dark Grey / Light Grey / IPE / Maple / Smoke Grey / Teak / Walnut

Capped Decking

Size: 138x22mm /150x22mm /180x22mm

Surface treatment: light brushed

It looks more natural and likes real wood.

Products Name: Capped Decking Twin Color EHT138H22