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How to install SPC lock floor?

Dec. 12, 2019

SPC lock floor has the highest hardness.It cannot be bent like other sheets or self-adhesive floors.There are snap slots around the SPC lock floor,which are connected by these snap slots during paving.Due to the plasticizer and the proportion of stone powder(calcium carbonate) and PVC,the SPC lock floor material is relatively brittle.If the sub-floor of the payment is not flat enough,the problem of snap slots fracture will occur.Therefore,strict techniques must be met when paving.

01 Detection of flatness

The SPC lock floor has a high requirement for the flatness of the sub-floor.Therefore,when renovating a new house,it must be self-leveling first.If the old ground is renovated,the height difference should not exceed 2mm,and there are no depreesions and bulges.

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02 Pavement moisture-proof cotton

SPC lock floor itself has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance,so the moisture-proof cotton during paving is not for moisture-proof,but has another function.As SPC lock floor has high density, laying a layer of moisture-proof cotton between the foundation and the floor can provide a good cusioning effect,which can make the two contact more closely,meanwhile providing a softer feel for the floor.However,it should be noted that the thickness of the moisture-proof cotton should not be too thick, 1-2mm is ideal.

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03 Paving SPC lock floor

1. Insert the B-plank convexly into the groove and lock it flat.

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2. After the flattening, the distance between the B plank and the C plank is about 2-3 mm in parallel.

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3. Lift the A and B boards at the same time (about 45 degrees from the ground).

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4. Push the face of the B plank towards the C plank until it is locked.

How to install SPC lock floor?cid=3

5. Press the A and B boards down with the palm of your hand, do not force the floor hard.

How to install SPC lock floor?cid=3

6. After pavement, the floor is flat and seamless. If the floor is uneven or has gaps, you need to gently lift it to lock it at an angle of 10-30 °, and the floor will automatically level after being fastened.

04 Install baseboard

 The skirting line can be adapted to the lock floor, and the skirting line is also fastened by a tenon when installing.

How to install SPC lock floor?cid=3

The entire paving process of SPC lock floor is not complicated, the exclusive one point needs special attention: the flatness of the sub-floor must be qualified!